30 Sep 2009

Return to the Sunday Market

It looks like I'll be going back to the Sunday market this week. Not in my usual incarnation as all my clothes are in Kilkenny, but I will be selling my pocket mirrors and handmade felt brooches at my friends stall. I will also have a selection of my buttons and ribbon up until the Christmas season starts and I'll replace them with yummy handmade Christmas decorations. I'm still deciding whether I'll make Christmas cards this year, as last year it took up a huge amount of my time for not much money. I might just make a small selection of xmas themed 1950s pinup collages.
So if any of you are looking for me down at the market head towards the gluten free cake stall. I would also highly recommend her merangue it's to die for!!I won't be at the stall myself as for the next few months I will be surgically attached to my sewing machine, but Orla will be there to answer and questions or queeries.

Bedford Row,Limerick City
Sunday 12-5pm

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