12 Nov 2009

Christmas Ball Rolling

Ok it's official I've been really crap at blogging lately, but life seems to be running at high speed at the moment, with one week rolling into the next. How is Christmas upon us yet, I think a part of me is still waiting for that non existant Irish Summer to happen. I think I caught a tiny bit of sunshine in Doolin one weekend and that's it it's time to whip up the Christmas tree again. I went into work yesterday( I do 2 days a week in a local restaurant-Luigi Malones if you are wondering) and they have all the Christmas decorations up. I know it's just me in a panic wondering how I'm gonna get all my stock sorted by Christmas, and also where the miracle will appear from to have money for presents. Whatever happened to the days that you would wake up with a bag of toys at the end of your bed and all you had to worry about was if you got everything on the list....ah well.
So far I've got a good bit done:

-About 15-20 mini hampers of handmade Christmas decorations. In them there is 3 felt baubles with lots of cute ribbon and buttons, in a pot wrapped in plastic, a premade gift. I figure they would be handy gifts for those people who have everything or when you get a co-worker as a kris-kindle and you have no idea what to get them. 15 euro

-25 sets of 10 hand printed lino cut Christmas cards. Yes you did the maths right thats 250 prints, and yes that did hurt my little arms. 12 euro

-500 new mirrors. Yey I'm so chuffed these arrived, I love the new designs with the 1950s pinups. I also got large buttons with the same designs. Mirrors 5 euro or buy 2 get one free

Very sadly I still have no camera (damned burglers!!), so I can't take any pictures to show all you nice folk. You are just going to have to take my word for it that they are lovely.HA!

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