15 Sep 2010

My Transformed Studio

I did it at last!! I managed to join my bedroom with my work studio, and it worked out far better than I thought. With the help of some large storage boxes from guineys neatly hidden beneath my navy throw at the end of my bed I was able to store a lot of my materials. I also got some large flat boxes that fit neatly under my bed for spare scraps of fabric. Altogether I think I spent about 100 euro in storage boxes but it was really worth it.
For materials I don't use as often I boxed and stored them in our mezzanine attic, we hope to get a small curtain soon to cover the clutter. I included the view from my bed, you can see the pretty eaves but I'd prefer not to look at all those boxes though.
The soft lighting in the evening really helps to make it feel more like a bedroom, the long light box was made by my friend Norma Lowney, it's silk screened on tracing paper and framed in this large box. I also put some flower fairy lights on my bed post. I also hung up some more paintings on the walls to make it feel more homely...cos between work and sleep I'm gonna be spending a lot of time there.


  1. It looks fantastic Ruth, well done for fitting everything into one space!

  2. that is quite a task! well done!

  3. woh! that's some undertaking! you have lots of stuff... any chance you'd come tidy up mine!!? lol!

  4. Thanks!!
    Yeah it was quite an undertaking alright, but I found lots of things that I thought I had lost.

    Hazel, not a chance! it was hell, lots of sneezing!


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