18 Sep 2010

Tis the Season to be Busy

It's getting near that time of year again when my busyness level steps up a few gears in preparation for Christmas. This year half of my December is already booked up for Christmas fairs and I'm really excited to see how the Milk Market is during the busy festive season. There will be additional craft fair days in the early part of December, on top of my 3 day weekly markets there.
On the list of things to make
Sets of Christmas cards:
Last year I had sets of 10 lino printed xmas cards, I still have the carvings so all I have to do is print and package them. Easier said than done though. I ordered 500 blank cards a few days ago and I hope to get them the all printed in one week. I'm not sure if that's do-able but I'll certainly try. Also I'm not sure if 50 sets of cards will be enough considering the amount of fairs that I'm doing but I don't want to waste time making loads of stock that I get stuck with.

Felt Christmas Decorations:
Last year these sets sold very well, I either sold them individually for 6 euro each or a set of 3 for 15 euro. Lots of work went into them so maybe this year I'll try to figure out how to pare this down while still keeping them cute.

Handmade Brooches:
These are always a good seller as I do a special offer on the of buy 2 get 1 free, perfect for gift time when everyone is a little strapped for cash. I did have a bunch of these made already for xmas but a friend recently took them to a fair and they sold really well and all my back up stock is now gone...a good complaint to be making I know! I just gotta order more felt, pre-cut them at home and bring them to the market to keep me occupied when it's quiet.

This year I'd like to introduce a line of Shrinky Dink xmas decorations, and also some festive bunting. I know that the iphone cases should sell well too as lots of people have been looking at them lately saying how perfect they would be as a gift. I'm sure a few more things will pop up along the way too, but for now that's the main things I've to focus on.

...So all I need to do is invent an 8th,9th and 10th day in the week and I should get all that made in time for the coming Season.

What crafty plans do you have for Christmas, and have you started making them yet?

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