2 Sep 2010

I Bought Some Lovely Art

I saw the work of Lynn Kenny when I was at the artisan craft fair on Thursday, I couldn't help myself I had to buy a piece. I've been insanely in love with her work for years but I never had enough money to buy any of her work, even though they are really reasonably priced at 150 for a medium sized piece. At the craft fair she has mini framed artworks at only 45 euro, as soon as I picked it up I had that sensation that I couldn't put it down again-I had to have it!
Even though you can see the lovely drawing style in her pieces on the website, you really have to see them in person to appreciate the layers of texture and detail. There are layers of material and embroidery that just can't be captured in a photo. The above picture is similar to the piece that I got...can you tell I'm feeling too lazy to whip out my camera?? Maybe later in the week I'll post an update with a picture of my delightful new piece of art. I have this feeling that this may be the start of a Lynn Kenny addiction.
I had the pleasure of meeting her at my stall recently, I was chatting to some customers about crafts and selling on line. Until one of them mentioned that she was an artist, when I asked for her business card I had a mini fan boy fit. I had loved her work for so long I was mortified and delighted to meet her. By the way she's really lovely in person, it's nice to meet your heroes, especially when they turn out to be down to earth people.

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