26 Aug 2011

Bar-Bootsale in Bakers

I love being friends with proactive people who do something positive rather than moaning about how crap/boring their life/city is. My friend Nora is one such person, she is always busy organising something or other. One of her more recent projects is the Bar-Bootsale, a carbootsale without the cars and with a bar instead. Where poor cool people go to sell their stuff to other poor people who like to buy cool stuff, it works out well for everyone!

My friend Peter spinning some choons
This time the event will be taking place tomorrow in Bakers Place (Limerick), 1pm-6pm. I'm hoping I can make it in after the market to have a bit of a gander around. Last time I picked up a great dress for only a fiver and there was tonnes of other great stuff too. I like the idea of having a beer while shopping, although I'm still on the dry so I won't be partaking this time.

Also graffiti artist Square Bear will be sell some hand drawn badges there (made by your truly, so buy 'em up so her orders more!!), and also Dish Pig will be selling some of his graffiti art too, hopefully it won't be sold out by the time I get there as I want to get a few for myself.
Square Bear
Dish Pig


  1. Hey Ruth...ill be selling loads of stuff sat if your around! hope to see you then..should be a fun day!:)

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