22 Aug 2011

Limerick Horse Show and New Cushions

As I mentioned before I was at the Dublin RDS horse show, but sadly I didn't do so well. This weekend though I'll be selling at the Limerick Horse Show with Fondelifair, an Irish based handmade ecommerce site. They got in touch with me last week about this opportunity and I was delighted as it might be a chance to sell some of my horse themed items that I had made for the Dublin show.
I made a range of the equestrian cushions, using fabric that I got especially in the Limerick Quilting Centre. I also have a selection of horsey badges and pocket mirrors which would be fun for the kids going to the show. On Sunday I will be bringing my badge maker so that kids will be able to draw pictures and make their own badges, and I'll be running a competition for the best badge too!

I had loads of fun making these cushions and I really want to make more of them for myself and I might try to sell some at the stall too( in different fabrics!). I also made some larger ones for some friends of mine as a house warming present and they adored them. Cushions are such a great way to brighten up a room, I gonna make a few for the front room in the very near future. They are a simple envelope closure on the back which saves messing around with annoying zips/buttons.


  1. how much are are those horse cushions, i want some!

  2. They are €25 each or they are 2 for €40. If you are interested just email me at ruthcrean@yahoo.ie...sorry I've no details to contact you as you left the message as 'anonymous'.

    If you could get in touch sooner rather than later that would be great as I'm sending these cushions off to sell at the show this weekend, and hopefully they will all sell!!


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