14 Nov 2012

Bazaar Tales Website

This year has been a financial struggle for lots of people, so instead of floundering in debt and the scary world of selling crafts I set up a second hand book stall at the Milk Market. Initially it was meant as a bit of a stop gap measure to get me through the quieter months at the start of the year, but as work increased on Limerick Craft and Design I took it on as a more permanent thing. It's been kind of sad not selling my crafts regularly at the stall, but it's been nice to have something a bit more secure. Now that the craft shop is open I can enjoy the thrill of making more of my work, but not have the financial risk involved with having to cover market rents. Fingers crossed it works out.

I figured that since Bazaar Tales has become a little more established I would set up a blog for it, I love reading and I have been feeling the urge to write more book reviews. Over the past year or so I've written a few here, but now I think it's time that I allocated a proper space for it. So now I introduce you to Bazaar Tales, a place where I'll post about yummy book shelves, funny literature quotes, write book reviews, design quotation printables (like this one), have unusual word of the day, and also publish John's infamously difficult crosswords. 

Currently I don't really have any readership, and no followers, which is quite a change from this blog. If you are into books and like reading blogs then please follow/comment/share, and all those other things that lovely online people do.

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