6 Nov 2012

Fashion Illustration Calender

Original outfit image here.

Ideas for new products come from lots of different places, sometimes it's seeing a tutorial, sometimes discovering a new material, and others it's chatting with friends. I was at my stall the other day and talking with fellow trader Mairead who sells beautiful home and gift ware called The Gift Store (great for house warming presents!). She sells a range of cards, prints and calenders, and we were talking about different illustrators, their styles and their range of products. Having seen my illustrated cards she encouraged me to do a calender, knowing that it would be very different to what she stocks at her stall. It was something that I've had in the back of my head for ages, but never got around to doing. 

Original outfit post here.

So I went home on Sunday and did a few sketches, I liked the idea of doing a fashion illustration one, with the clothes changing to match the Seasons. I did two pieces that evening. I wasn't really sure what style I would work in, but I just followed where the drawing brought me and stumbled upon using a monochrome palette with one popping colour. The idea is that each month will have it's own colour, with the most eye catching piece of clothing in the picture. I trawled through Pinterest and online for distinctive fashion photos to base the illustrations on, I've been looking at magazines, blog posts, street style; anything that pops out. I'm looking forward to doing more pieces, but I'd say it will take me a while to do all 12, lets just hope I have it finished on time for Christmas.

Mairead's stall The Gift Store

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