13 Nov 2012

Limerick Craft and Design

I know it's really crazy that it's taken me over a week to post about the opening of Limerick Craft and Design but to be honest I only feel like I'm catching my breath now. Regular readers will know that this project has been in the pipeline for over 10 months, there have been lots of meetings, a tonne of emails, phonecalls, and set backs, and countless voluntary hours put into it, but we got there eventually. For those of you not in the know this new shop is a co-op of Limerick based artists and crafters, a group that I got together at the request of The Limerick City Council. After forming a committee of equally dedicated/crazy volunteers we set about getting the ball rolling and to bring other artists involved. It surpassed all my expectations, it was a harder road, and also a more amazing result. If someone told me this time last year how difficult it would be I would still do it, because I'm a sucker for punishment, but I really had no idea what it would take this long to get to this stage.

Moaning aside it's been an amazing experience, and it's only just starting! I've met some fantastic people, and made great friends through the struggle to get here.People have been so generous with their time, and it's shows in how well it's all turned out.

The response from Limerick people has been amazing, there has been a cloud around the city for quite a while, with shops closing left right and centre;  people have really grasped how important it is to have something positive happen. There wasn't really anywhere that you could go to get locally made handcrafts(apart from the market), and over the past few years I've struggled to go gift shopping in the City Centre, we are hoping to fill that gap. There is an amazing amount of local talent, ranging lots of different disciplines, it so fulfilling to be able to showcase it all in one place.

Limerick Craft and Design is open Tues-Saturday 10AM-6PM, go to our website or Facebook page for more updates and information.

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  1. looks fantastic Ruth ! Well done x

  2. Fabulous - wish we had something like that locally! If you don't make masks or glass here there is very little hope! Wishing you all - all the very best.


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