22 Nov 2012

Handmade As Gaeilge Christmas Tags

My blog is starting to get that sparse look as I frantically try to make Christmas stock. Don't worry I haven't forgotten you, I'm neglecting everything in my life at the moment, except my sewing room, that's getting lot's of 'me time'.

I've been making tonnes of felt Christmas decorations, I hope to post some hastily taken snaps of them later in the week. Today's post is about a project I started a year ago, last Christmas, and abandoned as I was really short for time. I ordered a bunch of blank wooden tags like these ones from MissDiycrafts, except mine had a kind of burnt effect around the edge. I remember thinking they were really good value until I calculated what I would be able to charge for them, so hence the abandoned project. Stupidly this calculation only occurred after I ordered them! 

I stumbled across a bag of half finished paper covered tags the other day and remembered that we'd had a request for handmade tags in the shop. So I decided I wouldn't waste good supplies and finish the batch. I covered the rest of them in paper, varnished them, and painted the backs of them gold. After that I printed out a bunch of  'Nollaig Shona Duit' text boxes in different colours and fonts. I then realised I needed a 'To/From' label for the back which I aged with some brown ink. I had gotten a box of Christmas embellishments from the Art and Hobby Shop the other day, filled with little Santa's, trees and snowmen, it was great to have enough that they all matched(although now I have to go buy more card making embellishments!). After that is was a case of picking out ribbon, and attaching a label for price and barcode. 

I did everything in batches so it really helped with production time, if I was to sit down and compose each one individually it would have taken me a week to make them. Luckily I had loads of the materials already, I have tonnes of ribbon, paper, stickers sheets, and adhesive dots already. I'm scarred to think of the price of making them from scratch if you had to buy all the materials, you'd need to charge a fortune for them. Having said all that my initial instincts were right; they are really time and material consuming and I'm not sure if people will see the work, at the end of the day it's just a gift tag. Because of this I'm keeping the price as low a possible in the hopes that I'll sell all 50 of them, they are €2.50 each. I can't see myself making them again next year even though I think they are really pretty(although if they sell like hot cakes then I might be swayed!). 

I only realised after finishing them they then turn into keepsake Christmas tree decorations when the presents have been opened. For example a husband buys his wife something special for Christmas, and buys one of these posh tags for it, then every year when she puts this on the tree she remembers the lovely gift she got. My mother has a story behind each of her decorations, of holidays taken, presents from family, or special craft shops she visited(always in Sligo or Kilkenny strangley!). It makes our family tree totally personal to us, when the grandkids call over she tells them the story behind each one, it's really lovely actually.

Feedback on the price would be really appreciated, for once I'm quite confused!

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  1. I agree that making Christmas tags is hardly worth the effort and expense when you think about what you can charge for them. My problem is what I have to charge - and consider the shipping. They end up costing shipping=price of article which can be off putting for the prospective customer. Your tage are very attractive though, so fingers crossed ...

  2. Happy christmas and so sweet post.


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