4 Mar 2013

A Very Tardy Christmas Present

I have an awful confession to make. I entered Lakota's Christmas Blog swap and was disastrously late in sending off my present, as in two months late. It got so late I had that pit of my stomach guilty feeling that reminds me of when my mother disapproves of me. I got this amazing present from Janys, on time may I add! I couldn't believe how well someone who doesn't know me was able to pick such perfect things. It was genuinely one of my favouite presents I got this year.

Look at all the amazing goodies I got! Janys made the recycled pizza notebook herself, very handy for quick notes scribbled while at my desk. As well as the recycled gift tags, which I think are super cute, and will be adorning my presents this year. Her daughter made the lovely red coke can earrings, very much my style again. I haven't been able to use the stretchy recycled t-shirt belt yet, but I suspect during the Summer it will go with lots of my skirts and dresses.

She picked up the sari covered notebook at a local fair as well as the beautiful suede and shell necklace. I love love love the necklace, I wear it all the time, and people always comment on it. 

I just want to thank Janys again for being firstly amazingly psychic and then incredibly patient. You can read all about the parcel I sent to her on her blog here. I also want to thank Lakota for setting up the blog present swap, go read her really funny blog about crafts and thrifting.

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  1. Wow, what gorgeous presents. Isn't it amazing how someone you've never met can zero in on the sorts of things you'd like just from reading your blog?

    I'm going to go look and see what you sent Janys. I'm sure it was very much appreciated even if it was a bit tardy. :)

    1. I know it's crazy isn't it, I should make all my family and friends read my blog so I get better presents next year!

  2. Yvette - Ruth has been much more patient with her photographs than I was here - I just did a 'group' shot I'm afraid! However, I will confirm that she worked a miracle too finding super bits and pieces for me made by herself and by other crafting friends. I was delighted, and almost pleased that it arrived late so that I was able to open a surprise package out of season!

    1. Thanks for finding the silver lining in it's late arrival :-)


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