5 Mar 2013

1920's Costume Party

Ages ago I posted about doing research for a 1920's costume party I was going to. True to form I never got around to doing the follow up post, due to lack of pictures taken on the night. Recently I went to another 1920's party(if you follow this blog at all you'll know I'm quite the fan of fancy dress), so I actually have some photos to show you.

Above is a picture of me wearing possibly the most unflattering dress I've ever donned in my life, but I needed something that was shapeless and straight down. Having a big (and I think quite lovely) boobs and bum is not great for wearing a 1920's style outfit, but I did the best I could. I got the amazing neck trimming at the Milk Market for around a tenner, and I happened to have the black and silver trimming in my stash box. The white flower lace is actually vintage and was given to me by John's Mum. I don't have any photos of the making of the head piece, but I cut three strips of black trimming, measured them to the size of my head. Then painstakingly sewed on the flowers, and added some drop pearls to the side. To attach this delicate piece to my head I used some matching cream hair clips that I got in Pennies for a couple of euro. It took nearly as long to make this as it was to do the alterations on the dress, but it was my favourite bit of the costume.

As you can see I added some chiffon sleeves to balance out the top, and bought these crazy white gloves in Glitz and Bitz, they were pricey at €15 but they really made the outfit. I added white lace to the end of the dress, which you can't see here, and also the white satin low waisted band.

We got John's waistcoat in a liquidation sale in Blacktie for only €10, and the lovely burgundy brocade bowtie was made by Silk and Burlap(at the Milk Market every Friday and Saturday) was a steal at only €8.

The 1920's party was in celebration of Dr.John's bar being open a year, and this is the lovely Dr. himself. This place along with the Blind Pig downstairs has started to become my home away from home, a good and bad thing. They have lots of great gigs there, along with comedy, country, and cinema nights. They have a Facebook page here, if you want to go check out their latest(and mostly free) events.

Thanks go to Ken Coleman for the above photos.

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  1. Love your costume, its very Temperley London!

    1. A high compliment indeed, thanks. I'm sure I'll find an excuse to wear it again sometime


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