7 Mar 2013

Lovin' the Bloglovin'

I've been trying to dip my toes back into the world of blogging this week. I've been writing posts for this blog and also my new and still very small site Bazaar Tales. My friend Rebecca reminded me about the site Bloglovin and I thought I would give it a go. Basically it's an account you log into where you can read all of the blogs you follow. I find the Blogger reader a bit clunky and I never really got into Google reader. I like how easy Bloglovin' is to use, just simply add the address you want to follow and click. I also like that you can heart a post, sometimes I don't really have anything to say but I want to let people know it was a good post.

I'm also making a concerted effort to comment on more blogs, and Bloglovin seems to be an easier way to go about it. Just like most bloggers I would like to reach a wider audience, especially with my new blog, and commenting on others posts is always heralded as the main contributor to this. I'm enjoying all the reading and commenting I'm doing, but boy does it eat up time!

So if you are a Bloglovin' user say 'Hi' in the comments section and I'll come follow you, and if you're not yet then I would highly recommend it. If you want to add your own blog to the site it's really easy, they just ask that you put one of their buttons on their site. But it seems even if you haven't set your blog up on their site people can still follow you through it anyhow, smart huh?

To follow my Nice Day Designs page click here, and to follow me for Bazaar Tales click here.

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