29 Sep 2008

Blog Finds

This week Juicey craftyjuicebroker did a nice write up on my etsy shop, I just wanted to say thanks to her. She has a great blog and a really cute shop, filled with bags and accessories.
In other blog discoveries this week I stumbled across Decor8, a fantastic blog for anyone who loves all aspects of design, it full of stylish picture and it written excellently by
Holly Becker. With 18,000 viewers per day I'm quite obviously not the only fan. It's well worth checking out.

Another Blogger who will be featuring me in the near future is Avie Designs. I must say her designs particularly tickle my fancy, they are so crisp and clean while still having colour and a sense of fun. I also think it's really cute that she has photograhed her designs hanging from a wooden clothes peg.

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