27 Sep 2008

Merry Market


As you may already know I have a stall at a weekly craft and food market in Limerick city. It's held every Sunday between 12-5pm on Bedford Row and it's been running for over a year. My first hesitant steps were made last Summer when I got a stall selling my handmade cards, and then later I had paintings and illustrations.It was only in February, when we reopened after our extended Christmas break, that I started selling my customised recycled clothes.The clothes have been a great success and people have really come around to the idea that they can recycle and still be wearing funky and unique clothes. Since I started this blog I've been meaning to do a proper write up on the market, and last week I was blessed with the happy coincidence of sunshine and a last minute remembered camera...put the two together and you get bright and enticing pictures.

Vinnie Wall
It's not the biggest markety in the world but Tom, our main man, has ensured that there is a wide variety of quality stalls to choose from. On a leisurely amble down Bedford Row you can find handcrafted jewellery, clothes, gluten free foods, handbags , hand printed t-shirts, beauty skincare products, fresh veg, vegetarian foods, heavenly brownies, fairtrade clothes and products, fresh fruit and veg, beautiful cheese, freshly made crepes, Korean sushi and a whole lot more.
Ginger Girl

There are too many temptations for me every week that I'm there, I try to restrain myself from spending any money I make buying stuff at all the other stalls. In particular I have found Flourish-natural cometics to be really excellent. Basically I'm allergic to pretty much everything in the world, and had resigned myself to a life without moisturiser until I came across Flourish's moisturiser, it's fantastic,there are no nasty chemicals in it,it makes my skin look great, and my face doesn't disintergrate afterwards...a revelation indeed. I also have an addiction to Connie's Forbidden Foods, my sunday brunch involves tasty veggie Samosas, or if I'm feeling adventurous some falafel in a wrap with spicey humous.If I feel like making a complete pig of myself I have a mouth wateringly yummy brownie from Ginger Girl, to go with a much needed warm coffee. Other stalls that have helped in last minute birthday present shopping have been Edele's beautiful handmade silver jewellery, high quaily pieces at a really reasonable price. For the a great present for they 20 or 30-something guy in your life Vinnie Wall has some funky handprinted t-shirts of iconic figures and musicians, I haven't met I guy who doesn't think they're great. Do you know anyone who is a celiac? Well Crunchy Granola has a wide range of delicious gluton free breads,cakes, and savoury products on offer, so tasty that even the gluten tolerant among us would be more than happy to munch away on them. Another stall that I call to on a near weekly basis is the fresh fruit and veg from Paul Bradley, he a a great selection at competitive prices, and don't forget to try the chocolate covered strawberries, they are truely addictive.
So if you're in the area pop down, there is a great atmosphere, some fantastic food and crafts to be had.


  1. Nice review, this market looks great! Wish I could visit :) Hope you do well there. Reminds me of the South End Open Market in Boston I do a few times a year.


  2. Hi Ruth,

    I was talking to you yesterday and be sure to give me a shout when you're doing your next photoshoot as I would love the practice of shooting people.


  3. John,my models would prefer if you used a camera instead of a gun. Although the latter might make for some exciting pictures

  4. Can we compromise and use a Rifle with a camera mounted on the sight?


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