10 Sep 2008

Twitchy Fingers Syndrome

I was showing someone my website last night in work,and I realised with all the market and clothes stuff that I'm doing lots of people don't know that my background is actually in visual art. I studied fine art printmaking in Limerick School of Art and Design. I really loved it it there,it was like a warm safe bubble where all I had to do was think about myself and what I wanted to make:an artists dream. Even though I worked really hard I still look back now and think I didn't take full advantage of the resources; the library,the print studio, the endless tech skill of the tutors. But these insights come with a few years of experience out in the real world and I suppose I was very young at the time. I still don't think I would choose fashion as my discipline if I had the choice now, I'm glad that I happily landed in this, rather that fretting over technical issues. I think I'm freed somewhat by my ignorance, I just look at the clothes and fumble through until I get where I want-it makes for some experimental and interesting results.I'll definitely go back to doing fine art and graphic design, diffent projects always seem to pop up randomly. My boyfriend accuses me of being too scatty and that I should focus on one dicipline, but I think all the diffent creative threads feed each other. My graphics is not slick and cold like others because of my art background, and sometimes my clothes feel like drawings.I would be afraid to stick with one thing for a few years for fear it would get stale. On top of the fact that I don't think I could stop myself endlessly tinkering with different things. If I have a few projects on the go at all times it keeps my twitching fingers happy.

So here are a smattering of pictures I've created in various media over the past few years.

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  1. Hey, welcome to the world of blogging!
    Blog looks really well; way more professional than mine. That's a fine collection of work you got there.


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