18 Sep 2008

Tv or not Tv

So this is my 4th day in the flat being a sick spluttering layabout. It's been kinda fun,I've watched way too much tv, drank endless bottles of sparkling water, cosumed a rainforrest in my use of tissues, coughed out a spare lung, and done lots of blog reading. I also managed to fit in some useful activities, I made 3 skirts and a t-shirt. Photos will follow shortly, as I don't want to invite any models over to the flat for fear that they will catch the plague off me. I also cut out lots of clippings from magazines for my new series of cards that I've been doing. I know I should be thinking of making christmas cards but I really like making these ones so I'm gonna procrastinate a bit more. I was also thinking of doing some hand drawn cards, any opinions?
Since I haven't actually interacted with the real world in days I don't really have much to write about except for tele,so here it goes,the pick of the past few days.

The Family: Ch4 Wed night 9pm. I had been seeing the ad for this all week and lamented the advent of another car crash reality tv show based on a real family. Thankfully I was wrong. Yes it is another fly on the wall,'let's record them day and night for 100 days' nonsense,but this is actually really good. I don't know if I will be bothered to watch to much more of it as I find this kind of tv a bit stomach churning, but what I saw last night was great. There is a central crisis situation between the parents and their 19 year old daughter. All very familiar to our screens but the reality of the struggle between all of them is what make it really effective. Maybe I get it because I remember screaming and shouting at my parents in a similar way,albeit at a much younger age.
Stargate SG1 and Atlantis: Sky1,on all the time: Now to set down some history I must put my hand in the air and say I'm a trekie. Not the kind that goes to conventions or speaks alien languages, but I'm a fan. I would be pretty surprised if there was an episode of next generation that I hadn't seen, or of voyager. So this gives you some idea why I am drawn to Stargate in the first place. But I'm not a regular watcher, so the plot is a bit all over the palce in my head. But it's great, in some ways dare I say it better than star trek,it's written better,not as self important,has the ability to mock itself and has a better central plot. It doesn't give me the same warm fuzzy feeling inside that a new episode on next gen did but I can live in hope. My point is that I'm sure that this show even though it's vastly popular,probably gets tarred with the same nerdy brush, but it shouldn't. It's smart and funny and far more entertaining than most things on tv and it has kept me happliy sane this week with all the numerous repeats on sky1.

May I just stipulate that I have a strange relationship to tv. I'm very much binge and purge. In college I went 3 years without one, and would happliy do it again once I had a dvd player. I think 75% of what is shown is filler, which is a shame because there has been great shows made down through the years; Father Ted, Seinfeld, SATC, Six Feet Under, Star Trek, Antiques Roadshow, Countdown. Maybe it would be better with less stations,less crap, and we all watched the box a little less too.


  1. Yeah, Stargate is pretty funny a lot of the time. There was a piceless 'Groundhog Day' episode of SG-1 that was hilarious. Atlantis has recently been cancelled, actually.

    Did i ever tell you i met Teal'C and Walter (the gate operator)?

    Hope you feel better soon. I had a throat infection a few days ago so i know how you feel.


  2. Hi! Hope you're getting better!
    I am just "purge" about TV, i'll only watch the occasional SATC once in a blue moon but that's about it ^-^
    About the stall, I understand what you said about the invisible line. it is really difficult to evaluate how to set it up so people will be drawn in and won't just stop to look from the outside... I think fine things such as even putting the carpet in diagonal instead of straight visually helps ;o) I suppose you end up getting it right with experience, I'm not sure mine is perfect yet lol


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