9 Sep 2008

New Work and Progress

So I think I have eventually recovered from the picnic. Lots of sleep and a close relationship with my sofa and dvd player helped with that. I made two new jackets this week, one of which I have some poor photos of.
After being away from my studio for so long I wanted to make something pretty intricate. So I spent all of Thursday making this jacket, firsly I attached the letter cubes to the front buttons. They read 'My Funky Recycled Jacket' in four lines,there are two circles of red felt hand sewn onto each sleave. On the back there is a collage of salvaged slogans and patches.This new piece got a really positive reaction on Sunday when I was at the market, it just needs to find the right person to love it,ie someone size 10. After being away from the market for nearly a month it was great to come back to such positivity and enthusiasm for my clothes. So from what I can gather people want more jackets that are a bit out there, so that will be my task for this week. I already started on a new denim one last night,but after 4 hours of hand sewing my fingers gave up.Photos will be coming soon.

Remember the badges that I said I was giving away free at Electric Picnic...well here are some pics. I should thank the boyfriend here for helping me to attach them to the cards the night before the picnic. A big task as we got through about 1,000!! I got a great deal at this shop for the badges, I just handed in my designs, of which there are 50, and she made and sent them to me, and far cheaper than I had priced them in Ireland. If you want some of my pretty badges and you live in Limerick then just pop down to the Sunday Market ,12-5pm on Bedford row, they're free. Or if you live outside Limerick and really want some I could create a listing for you in my shop and I would just charge for postage.
In other Nice Day Designs news the Limerick Leader called over to my apartment this week to take photos of me in my studio, and also of my clothes. An interview will be following sometime this week and they will be printing a feature on me, which is all very exciting and a little embarrassing. The girl who called over to model my clothes was really nice and the photos came out great, so hopefully it will lead to a rise in business.


  1. HI Ruth,

    Those pins are great. I'm very slow on getting the market stall up and running, have been busy in my day job so it has been put on hold!! It's still on the to-do list though. Best of luck with the blog, it looks fantastic!


  2. Congrats Ruth, that's great news!



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