16 Nov 2010

Christmas Card Supplies

I've been doing a crazy amount of supplies shopping lately for the build up to all my Christmas markets, ans the scary thing is that everything has to be bought in bulk. From the 2000 brooch backs, 1000 badge parts, 1000 magnets, a mountain of felt, and then a bit more felt..the list goes on and on. Yesterday was no exception, popped into Silkes in town to get some blank cards and came out with this lot:
150 Blank 5x7in cards
250 3-d glue dots
2 sheets of foam glue dots
A round edge cutter
2 packs of xmas brads
2 packs of paper frame shapes
1 set of xmas stamps
1 black ink pad

Also next week I think I'll be making a trip to Cork to go to Cork Art Supplies to get some of their paper as the selection here in Limerick is frustratingly small. In the past few days I've made about 50 cards and I plan to make lots more. Also some time over the next week or so I plan to print my lino cut Christmas card sets. Luckily I have the blocks already cut from last year, but the printing is still pretty labour intensive.
It's all go here at the moment, lots of preparation, lets hope it all pays off!

1 comment:

  1. It's simply impossible for a crafter to have to many supplies! The anticipation of the transformation is just exhilarating! Good luck with your Christmas trip on the creative path!


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