21 Nov 2010

Etsy Euro and Dollar

I'm delighted about the new changes taking place on Etsy, as sellers we can now list our items in our own currency. For a while now customers have been able to see listings in their chosen currency,but this nearly made things worse because of the variable exchange rate. For example one day my item could be €3.20, then another €3.65 but at my stall I always charge €3.50, it just wasn't feasible to keep changing loads of listing prices, but I hated that my market regulars weren't seeing consistent prices online. So now I'll list in euro and it will always remain the same price in that currency, which is fantastic. At the moment they seem to be just testing it so only one of my shops has the option, which is pretty frustrating, but they'll be rolling out this tool for all Etsy sellers soon.
The other new tool is coupons, which is a code that will be offered to people who have made a purchase to offer them a discount the next time they buy something for my shop, which I think is a fantastic idea and encourages return shopping.
It's these tweaks that are gonna make it more viable to sell on Etsy as a non US seller. There are loads of things that I make that I don't list in my shops, but lately sales have been picking up and I'm feeling more inclined to list the full range of items that I sell, it just might have to wait until the new year when I'm less busy.
On a side note I hit my 200th sale in my supplies shop last week! It's been a great little side earner for me and I'm so happy I went to the effort of setting it up, I wasn't sure at the beginning whether to slit the two shops, but it's proved a success both personally and fiscally.

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