24 Nov 2010

Recession...what recession?...My Confession of a Supplies Splurge

This is the scary time of year for me when insane amounts of money are being spend on supplies but most customers are saving for Christmas and not spending very much. In my mind I know it will be busy and that I'll be glad I bought and organised all this stuff early..it's just kinda hard to remember that when I look at the bundle of receipts. Recession...what's that? My inner craft nerd doesn't seem to have heard of it. Here are just a few of the supplies I've been stocking up on...Yesterday I went to Cork to go to Cork Art Supplies, I was there earlier this year and was really impressed with their paper selection. I really had to restrain myself in the shop this morning,and make myself just buy Christmas papers. But in the blink of an eye I spent 80 quid, having said that I'm delighted with what I picked up, and I know I'll make that stretch really far, saving every scrap of unused paper for a later project.

I then popped into Vibes and Scribes to pick up some material, they didn't have exactly what I was looking for but I picked up these fat quarters at 2 for €5 and a couple of meters of this super cute stars and polka dot material.
Also the post man has been very busy lately, my delivery of 500 velvet bags for my pocket mirrors arrived. I was really worried that they wouldn't get here on time for the Christmas rush as last time the took 2 months to arrive! I ordered in a large amount as I think I might be selling them in my shop for people who order custom made mirrors. I have looked into selling them in larger quantities but it would mean ordering them in the thousands per colour, an investment that I may have to forgo until the new year.

Lastly I was really surprised to arrive home to see that my Shrinkles had arrived already, I only ordered them a few days ago so I was chuffed to see them here so soon. Since my last post on Shrinkles I've expanded my line to include Shrinkles brooches, hence the fact that I bought 200 sheets. I'll be posting some photos of these later in the week.

Ps: on a personal note, last night for the first time I got to use all my letters in a scrabble move, I've always wanted to do this! It was a word score of 81 and the word was stringy...so satisfying


  1. What goodies! There is simply nothing like having a full larder!

  2. oh lordy, i wish i was you right now. you are so lucky to actually need so much lovely stuff. i'm sure it'll all be gone though in no time - you're so popular ;)

  3. Hi Ruth, I was tidying out my craft stuff and being so busy at work I've admitted (finally) that I need to scale back my craft efforts hence I've ended up with a carrier bag of supplies that I've admitted I wont use, I had your name on it and was planning to drop it into you on Saturday in the market - if you're interested.

  4. Irene-I know it makes all the difference to have lots of supplies, I'll try to be good in the new year and use up all my leftovers and not buy new ones until I really need to ,this also helps with storage space too, it would be impossible to continue buying at this scale without using them up first.
    Marain-wow you are so good, thanks so much for thinking of me, I totally would love to take them, and we can do a swap for a brooch or something!


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