22 Nov 2010

Discount Code for my Online Shops

Just a small note to say that I have availed of the new coupon function on Etsy. The code 'NICEDAYDISCOUNT2010' works in both of my shops and will get you a 10% discount on any of my items.
I also wanted to post this to gush about how great Craftopolis is, when I was using it a couple of years ago you could check your hearts and also if you were featured in any tresuries, which was handy but I soon got bored of it. But I was just on the website now and it allows quick edits on listings (which I've always found very clunky on etsy) and also I was able to import my google analytics and see how many people are viewing my shop daily. On top of all the extra handy tools I can also see my monthly sales and hearts. I can see myself definitely using the site way more, and if other Etsy sellers are thinking the same then maybe I might purchase one of their ad slots in the new year, a good time to be advertising supplies.

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