26 Nov 2010

Mr.Tim the Teddy Earns Me a Bit of Pocket Money

A while ago I was contacted by the magazine Teddy Bear and Friends asking for a sample of my Mr.Tim teddy bear pocket mirror as they wanted to include it in their Christmas gift guide. I wasn't sure anything would come of it, but I sent it off anyway in the hope that it might get me something, and I'm delighted I did. So far this week I've sold 10 of these mirrors and a teddy iphone cover!
Has anyone seen the magazine? I don't think it's something you can buy over here, and I love to see what the piece looked like.


  1. how very exciting! that is fantastic, Ruth! well done!

  2. Congrats Ruth! That's great news :)

  3. thanks ladies! it's nice to have a splurge in the sales, things had been a bit slow lately online, it pumped up the paypal account a bit so I could get some more supplies


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