8 Jul 2011

Hotty But Notty: Jay Baruchel

There is actually no reason for Jay Baruchel to be in this Notty section, as he is plainly smokin' hot. But my confusion comes after watching the film She's Out of My League, a film about a 5/10 looking guy getting a 10/10 girl. But it was totally ridiculous because they didn't cast somebody who was in any way unattractive. At one point we meet the 'hot' ex-boyfriend, who is just a tall muscle head, I'm not sure if it was done on purpose to hire someone so blandly 'hot', but there was really no comparison. Having said all that it was a pretty entertaining film, in a throwaway rom-com Hollywood way. What kept it going was the charming performance of Baruchel.

You've probably seen Baruchel in films like Knocked Up, and Tropic Thunder, and apparently he was in Million Dollar Baby but I don't remember him being in it. I first noticed him in Knocked Up, as the guy who gets pinkeye and has a maple leaf tattooed on his chest. My friends thought it was like shooting fish in a barrell when I said I thought he was pretty hot.

I really don't understand the Hollywood obsession that if a guy is skinny and wears glasses he is automatically unattractive...huh? Here is a clearly handsome, talented and funny actor who keeps getting cast as the weedy geeky/funny friend.


  1. Ok, so he's kinda skinny and often cast as being geeky, but I agree Ruth (rare that I don't) he's pretty damn handsome. Particularly with a bit of facial hair to take the boyish look off him a little. Suitably hirsute! Yum!

  2. Yes he is way hotter with the facial hair.
    I was reading an interview with him online before I wrote this post, I was really impressed with how lovely he seemed, which always makes someone more attractive

  3. Absolutely. Being a lovely, genuine man is far more attractive than any toned body/smouldering eyes/strategically shaped facial hair... though if he has a little of all of these, that's ok too ;)


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