1 Jul 2011

Hotty But Notty: Mark Kermode

To any of you not living in the UK or Ireland you might not have heard of Mark Kermode, he is a film and culture critic for the BBC, and also writes for the Observer among other publications. He also does a fantastic radio film review show, which I watch all the time on Youtube (I know it's sounds strange to watch a radio program, but they film it, so people can watch it online). Myself and John watch it all the time, it's great to see him rip diabolical Hollywood films to shreds (Marley and Me) and also interesting to hear him analyzing films that you would suspect that he would hate (Twilight).

I know he really does not fit into my normal box of skinny geeky looking guy, he looks more like Tommy Lee Jones with bad Elvis hair who happens to be a big fan of Morrissey. But I kinda love it. I was intrigued by him even as a teenager, when I was really young I used to mix him up with Mark Lamarr for ages, until I figured out that Kermode was way cooler/smarter. 

It's simply a joy to watch/read someone who has a brain, who isn't pandering to the agenda that the publication/station that they work for. I got so sick of reading the Culture Magazine in the Sunday Times for this very reason, every article read like an editorial that had been paid for. Whereas Kermode vents exactly what he is thinking without any ulterior agenda.

You have to watch him to understand his attraction...then you will stop thinking that I'm insane. Also if all those brains didn't make him attractive enough he plays double bass in a rockabilly band The Dodge Brothers.

Ps: A mention should go to John for reminding me that I fancy him, we were watching one of his radio shows the other day and he asked, 'So is he one of your Hotty or Nottys(please add sarcastic tone here)?'. Although I think he approves, Mr.Kermode has lots of cool kudos in his book.

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  1. I have to completely agree with you. Discovered him through the podcast, starting watching on youtube, bought his books, now a rabid fan of wittertainment. Totally a hotty


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