12 Jul 2011

Sweet Clothes Shopping!

It seems I have replaced sugar with shopping. I have become addicted to 'buying something nice for myself'.This would be all well and good if I had lots of money but I don't! 

At least I'm hunting for them in the sales though, I got these first two in the Awear sale, and the third on in River Island, although mine has grey patterned material instead on white, and it has a lovely detail of buttoning up at the front. I also picked up some nice skirt in TKMaxx during the week super cheap, but I'm way too lazy to take photos of them for you all to see. You'll just have to trust that they are pretty. One is a white with bright coloured flowers on it, simple but perfect for Summer-€9. The second one is a high waisted skirt with netting that has a large print of bright tropical fruit, it's very 50's housewife and I love it-€13 , I just need a green/pink cardi to go with it to complete the look. I also got a cream lacy vest cardi very similar to the third photo here, I think it would look really well over a summer dress-€16. While I was in TKMaxx I picked up a really lovely bra too, at a bargain for only €8 (usually as I'm an E/F cup I've to pay about €30-€40 for my bras).

I'll have to take a break from the shopping for a bit though,as I've more than enough now to keep me going...although I did see a lovely pair of floral and brown hipster looking shoes on sale on the way home today...mmmm..

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  1. Retail high == sugar high.....all v addictive ;-)


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