30 Dec 2011

What I'm Wearing:Orange

I've been off the radar for a couple of weeks now,I had said to myself that I would take two weeks off without doing anything work related. But it turns out I don't know how to do that, blogging isn't work anyhow, it's an addiction!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, mine was great I went home and stayed with my parents, which meant I got to see all my nieces and nephews too, they really are what make Christmas for me, with all their excitement about Santa. But I have turned into one of those Aunty's who says 'You've gotten so big, look at how grown up you are', when I was a kid I never understood the obsession with this sentence and swore I'd never say it. What it really means is 'looks at how fast 10 years have past in the blink of an eye, oh god that makes me feel old!'. Aside from lots of chat about my near approaching 30th birthday( I have 6 months left of my 20's, yikes!), and other sundry talk of marriage/babies/mortgages/negative equity(thank god none of these things effect me!), it was a delightful break!

When I got back on Wednesday I went for my Limerick girlie X-mas night out, we had yummy Indian in the Mogul Emperor followed by a delightful gig from Mick Flannery in Dolans. As it was a girls night out I made some effort to dress up, but since it was freezing and I had just stepped off a train I still wanted to be cozy too. I'm loving this years obsession with orange and wanted to play with mixing some warm reds with this bright colour. When I was home I got a lovely mustard woolen skirt in Topshop on sale for only €22, and it even has pockets! It has a lovely bell shape to it with slight pleating and unusually it has a brown leather waist band(which was a little snug after all the xmas treats!). Also on the same shopping trip I went to La Senza and got 4 bras for only €33, which is a crazy bargain as that's what I normally spend on one bra. Since I'm an FF in a bra it means I can't go to Pennies and pick up a one for €4, normally it involves a trip to Debenhams and me wincing while I hand over a stack of cash. Not only were they cheap as chips in La Senza but they are super cute, I got ones in turquoise lace, cream lace, black with pink swallows, and a beautiful brown lace balcony bra(which I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to wear as it's quite 'heaving bosom').

Shoes: Black bow tie pumps, New Look - €8
Tights: Blue 80 denier tights, Pennies -€3
Skirt: Mustard woolen skirt, Topshop -€22
Jacket: Orange kimono sleeved jacket, Charity shop -€5(best buy ever!!!)
Scarf: red woolen snood from a bag of scarves from my sister-in-law Shell-free
Hat: porkpie hat which I bought to wear as part of a costume a few months back, but now I wear it all the time, Claire's- €2 as part of a 5 items for a tenner sale.
Bag: brown real leather bag, Charity shop: €2
Cardigan: rusty brown/terracotta cardigan, Pennies: €14

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