9 Dec 2011

The last of my Christmas Cards

Here is my newest batch of Christmas cards, I have about 70 new ones for the stall this weekend. I don't think I'll have time to make any more so I hope it's enough to keep me going through the next 2 weeks or so. It turns out I bought way too much Christmas paper and not enough embellishments, I'll just hang onto the paper for next year and try to get some embellishments in the sales in the new year. 

I had a great brain wave while I was making this batch of cards, instead of just stamping on regular sketchbook paper I used glossy paper instead. It gives a much more vibrant finish and dries more evenly. Also when I use pens or markers to colour in the stamped image these colours come out way better too. I just used glossy paper I got in the €2 store. The only thing is that you have to be careful when lifting off the stamp as they have a tendency to stick to the paper. Also if you are feeling confident you can draw out an image in maker and use these as embellishments, like the snowman here, and the quality comes out the same as a sticker. That's it I'm converted I'm never going back, it's glossy paper all the way for me now!

As usual I only sell them at the Milk Market(not online) at €4 each or 3 for €10. To see the full album of images go to my facebook page here.

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