4 Dec 2011

Christmas Wish list

I had to come up with a list the other day for my Kris Kindle of things I want...but it had to be for €20...so I failed miserably. Instead I thought of lots of things I want for more than €20. Here are some of them. I really want a cute wreath from Robin and Ivy, they are so colourful and crafty, I think it would look lovely in my craft room, I'm tempted by the button one (of course!) as I could hang it all year round. If I hung it on my front door it would be nicked in about 2 minutes! Their wreaths are really good value at €30 and you can get them at the Friday Market, or their facebook page is here.

This is the lovely Erika, I want everything at her stall, I would kill her and steal all her stock except she is rather lovely. I bought something off her last week as a gift for someone else, but I think I need to get a gift for myself too. I daydream that I could afford four of her pretty upcycled chairs for my kitchen, but in reality I'll probably get a footstool instead. You can see her lovely pieces on the Friday/Sunday market, or check out her Oh Sew Pretty page here.
Miss Sew it All
 I really want to get the second installment of my crafty tattoo....I suspect that I'm getting a tattoo voucher from John for Christmas, but I don't want to get my hopes up just in case all he can afford are slippers. In the meantime look at this super cute crafty tattoo that Miss Sew it All has!

I really want Season 3(and season 4 when it comes out) of True Blood. I was very good and did not rush out and splurge my monies when it was first released, but it feels like it's been ages since I got my Eric fix, and just look at how pretty he is.
Lastly I want something I can't have unless I move house. I want a cozy fire, all the time. At the time of typing this the heating has been on for over 2 hours and I'm only starting to defrost now. Sadly the fire in this house doesn't work, and to be honest I suspect that it will be the reason I eventually decide to move. But not yet, I still love this place too much....I'll just have to suffer being chilly all the time.

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