1 Dec 2011

My Work in Truly Gifted in Mallow

Truly Gifted in a fantastic shop that was set up recently in Mallow by husband and wife team Majella and Bart Spang. Majella has been making beautiful glass work under the name Delicious Art Glass and was frustrated with the set up of selling to shops that take half the sale price as commission, and was also fed up with the attitudes at markets where people expect everything as cheap as chips(see my rant about this here). Majella got involved with the pop up shop that I ran earlier this year, and it confirmed her suspicions that this was the way to go. Herself and Bart bravely set out on getting themselves a venue in Mallow, I'm amazed at the work that they put in and how quickly they managed to get it together.

The way it works is that the crafts people involved rent the space from them, prices are dependent on the amount of space that you get. With the idea being that you pay a flat rate, and don't pay any more even if you have a really good week with sales. I'm not sure if they have any more space left, but if you are interested just go here to have a look at the T&C's.You can see the list of artists and crafters here on the website, I know that when I popped into the shop I wanted to buy just about everything.

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