3 Dec 2011

Illustrated Necklaces

I started making a whole new range of shrink plastic necklaces. Here are just a selection of some of the images, but if you want to see all 50 designs go to my facebook album here. They come with a ball chain necklace, and they are a perfect stocking filler at only €6 a pop. If anyone has a special request for custom drawn pictures just let me know. I listed a few of them in my etsy shop, and the Bowie necklace sold just after 5 minutes after listing it...very exciting!


  1. Love the owl? Any more of it going to be listed?

  2. Hey, if you wanted to get the Owl one(or any of the other ones) just purchase any of the necklaces and put which picture you would like in the 'message to seller' bit and I can make it up for you.
    Glad you liked them!


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