8 Oct 2012

Button Necklace and Earring Sets

I'm really delighted with these new sets. They came about in a strange way though. I bought these boxes for my button cluster necklaces, but I was obviously suffering from a brain fog the day I ordered them because when they arrived they didn't fit. Not one to waste money or supplies I knew I had to make something new to fit in these pretty boxes.

I have been making the necklaces for a while but I've never made this style of earring before. They are more difficult to make than the necklaces as it involves search for 9 matching buttons; 3 for each piece. This may sound simple but all my buttons are mismatched, so it's quite time consuming. Even though I have thousands of buttons left I'm fast running through my supply of bright matching buttons of this size. I made 12 sets, but I'm positive I'll make more after I restock in supplies, I'd say these will be popular as gifts for Christmas; there are a lot of fellow button addicts out there.

Again sorry for the dodgy photos, it would have been nice to shoot these on a model, but time is precious at the moment.

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