5 Oct 2012

New Brooches

 It's that time again when my studio has turned into a little sweat shop; or rather an ice box as the temperature has really dropped, but you get my meaning! I'm trying to get all my stock ready for Limerick Craft & Design, something I thought I had mostly sorted but I severely miscalculated. It turns out I had double of some stock and none of others. I ran out of time and energy half way through my list and then forgot this fact for a couple of months until I went to my stock box about two weeks ago. Since then I've been frantically sewing, gluing, cutting, drawing, and crimping. My inventory is looking a lot healthier now and I'm nearly there!

These are just a few of the 50 brooches I've made for the shop. I love the two toned buttons that I got at the Friday market, I've never seen them before. The checker red and black piece is actually weaved strips of felt that have then been hand stitched together. There is a red circle that has been reverse appliqued on, with another red circle backing it. It was way too much work for the €10 price tag, but sometimes it good for the brain to experiment a little bit.

Sorry that the photos aren't prettier, but as I've said I've turned into a machine, as soon as a batch is made I package it and tick it off the list. Next week I'll have loads more new products to show you.

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