2 Oct 2012

How-To: Paper Collage Lids

Yesterday I showed you my new crafty jars, now I'm gonna show you how to decorate the lids. They would be a great project to give as a gift to someone, fill the jar full of their favourite sweets/trinkets, add a bit of ribbon, et voila a nifty gift!

I followed this tutorial that I found on Pinterest for decorating the lids.

1. Choose some nice paper. In the tutorial they seemed to use a kind of tissue paper. I used thin cheap wrapping paper from Pennies which i got for 50c a roll. I tried to use more expensive paper that was shiny but the glue just slipped off the surface. You need something that will absorb the glue that is thin enough to fold easily around the edges.

2. Was all of your jars really well. I used peanut butter jars so there wasn't any hassle with staining or odour, if you need to bleach the lids to get rid of smells/stains. Leave to dry completely.

3. Cut your circle of paper about 1" larger than the size of your lid.

4. You can use Mod Podge or make your own by mixing 70% PVA with 30% water.

5. Generously coat your lid and paper with you glue.

6. Make slits all around your excess paper. Gluing as you fold them over. Make sure to poke the paper into the groove of the lid with your brush, remember that you will need to close the jar when you are finished. 

7. Because the branding on the jar I was using was quite dark it was still visible through the thin paper. I cut out some roses, buttons and hearts to decorate each of the tops of the lids.

8. Generously coat the whole of the top of your lid with glue, then glue the back of your decorative piece of paper. When you position it then add another layer of glue on top.

9. Leave to dry completely before using(or the paper will rip on the inside of the lid). I also added another layer of varnish afterwards as I will be selling them and i wanted them to be extra durable.

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