18 Oct 2012

Halloween (P)inspiration

Last night in the pub the discussion naturally flowed around to Halloween and we would be dressing up as, thankfully my friends are as nuts as me about making stupidly complicated costumes. You might remember from last year my epic construction of my Klingon costume, or The Queen of Hearts from the year before. I swore last year that I wouldn't do something complicated this year, that I would do something comfortable, and was easy to go to the bathroom in(a major problem with all of my previous efforts). I don't know if I can let my ego do something simple, the last thing I want to be on my favourite holiday of the year is disappointed  with myself. I know I'm up to my eyes at the moment trying to get everything organised with the shop, so I really should be sensible, but hey when is that ever fun??
Here is some inspiration I've been looking at on Pinterest.

I've never watched Doctor Who(I know it's something I'll get crazily addicted to!) but apparently this is from it. I just think it's a kickass statue costume!
I'm loving the whole steampunk thing, and I'm leaning towards this direction. I saw this great skirt tutorial last year and it kind of stuck in my head. Also mix that we these amazing shoes below and I may be onto a winner!

Apparently this is a mold not a costume, but if you divided the base then it would be possible to walk. John would love this!

 I love this idea, and have total respect for someone who can stay out all night inside a box!

So what are you dressing up as this year?
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  1. RUTH!!! not like you to have your costume sorted by now!!! :)


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