30 Oct 2012

Cough Cough, Sniffle Sniffle!

I'm a really bad sick person, I moan all the time, and make sure to tell everyone that I'm sick(in case they wouldn't have guessed by my Cathleen Turner voice). I know it's youngest child syndrome, I expect everyone to lavish attention on me, and that me being sick is the end of the world for everyone not just me. I've spent a lot of this weekend and yesterday in bed or attached to the sofa, sporadically bewailing 'ugh' 'my nose' 'le sigh', which I would never do by myself, it's really quite pathetic!

But really seriously I am quite sick at the moment, but I'm going down to the shop now to do some barcoding and wrap things up so we can open in the next couple of days(exciting-sniffle, sniffle!) Make sure to pop over to the website so you can drool over the pretty things that we will have!

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  1. Oh no! Feel better soon my dear. You'll be right as rain in no time x

  2. Ouch and uck and feeling your pain, Im on week three of "It hurts so much I cant get up". I take paracetamol for a few datys, feel better then go out to work or out to a market and get hit by it again, the cold weather is doing me no favours. Take some time off and look after yourself, best wishes Tracy.


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