14 Dec 2009

Christmas Cards

Here are a couple of quickly scanned images from the Christmas Cards set that I'm selling this year. There are 10 in the set for only 12 euro. Here are just a few samples as I don't have the full 10 scanned in. I must say it was really nice to do some lino printing after such a long absence( I did print in college and have don't any since I graduated in 2004). I could help but stick on some lovely buttons to finish them off.


  1. Oh... I love them, especially the christmas pudding one!

  2. I like them a lot! No one has sent me that pretty a Christmas card yet.

  3. Thanks you guys!!
    Mags I'll have them at the UL market tomorrow....although you were already very kind to buy things off me last week, so I'm not gonna push my luck lol!

  4. Oh my goodness...that reindeer is precious.

    I'm a new follower :)



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