22 Dec 2009

New Camera....and Xmas Tree Pics

John let me have my new camera a few days early!! We went shopping today and picked it out, I chose a canon IXUS 95 IS, it's a handy point and click, with a pretty good macro for it's price range. We figured we would get by on this one until we can afford a better one later next year. I'm delighted to have a camera again, it's been so long since the last ones were robbed.

In the run up to Christmas I've been selling every day this week at the Bedford Row market, it has a lovely atmosphere there, and everyone seems really positive and cheery. On the other hand it is some of the coldest weather we have had in years. Today I thought my fingers were going to fall off with the cold. But I did come home to the lovely treat of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the front room. While I had been out in the bitter cold John got and decorated our tree. ...isn't it so lovely!!! ( The close up shots are of some decorations I made)


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