12 Dec 2009

The Postman Brings Christmas Cheer

I was in a chatroom on Etsy last week called FS. It's where sellers go to browse other sellers shops, and if you buy something you get free exposure for 5 minutes when people post lots of pictures from your shop. I had never done it before so I gave it a try. I bought these lovely earrings from seller hrtfeltgifts and they arrived this morning in the post...very speedy delivery I must say. They are so cute, and with shipping included they only cost $9 for the two(about 6 euro), and on top of all that she gave me two pairs of xmas earrings free!! I think I'll wear my snowflake ones over Christmas in the restaurant. Sadly I didn't get any sales from the FS chatroom, but at least I found a really cool shop out of it.

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