5 Dec 2009

Wholesome Fun

As you know we decided not to hook up our television when we moved into this house. So it's been about 9 months with no tv and I love it. It does help that we have broadband so John can still get his fix, but to be honest I never really bother. In all that time I think I watched Off the Rails and Brides of Franc on the RTE website about 4 times and that's it.
Last night we had a wonderfully retro evening and played board games all night. We started with a game of trivial pursuit, which John won by the skin of his teeth. Then we had a little bit of Jenga, and I, thankfully, lived up to my previous title of Jenga Queen. After that John showed my the joy scalextrics (well a mini version). I got a little bored of that, and I really don't understand how you can play with it for hours on end. Lastly we finished of fwith a few games of mariokart on the Wii. It was a thoroughly wholesome and brady bunch night, and I loved it!

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