10 Dec 2009

Happy Bunny

I had a great day today selling in the Art College in Limerick city. It was nice to be back and see a few familiar faces. I was totlly shocked at how many things I sold. Lots of people bought my pocket mirrors as Christmas gifts. I sell them at 5 euro each or 3 for 10 euro, so that went down well with the frugally challanged art students. It was lovely to be selling indoors for once, so I could wear normal clothes and not have to layer on half on my wardrobe to keep from freezing half to death.
All in all I'm a happy bunny this evening. I'm gonna treat myself by not working too hard tonight. A bit of leisurely sewing while watching a movie should do the trick.


  1. Congrats on your sales! Enjoy your relaxing evening. :)

  2. Glad you did so well:)..love the badges i got:)


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