2 Dec 2009

Be Fabulous and Swap 'Til You Drop

A new swap shop has opened up on Shannon St in Limerick City, called Be Fabulous. The guy there, Will, has a great selection of clothes, especially loads of evening wear for Christmas. The deal is you bring in your clothes, you both decide on a price and you get 50% of the sale when it sells. Great deal!! I know I'll be bringing in a few dresses. He also has a few locals designers work for sale too....and as of today that includes me too!! I dropped in some of my accessories like the brooches, pocket mirrors and Christmas decorations. I'm delighted he is taking a few bits and bobs, it's really easy with a local shop, I just walk down and deliver them, with no worries about postage costs or delivery times. It's a great shop, and Will is really lovely, if you are in ther area you should definitely check it out.

Yesterday I was selling at the UL farmers market. For 3 weeks in December they invite a few craft stalls to join the regular foodies to help all the students and lecturers with their Christmas shopping. The day started out pretty awful with rotten weather and very high winds. Our gazebo lasted about 10 minutes before it decided to fold itself inside out and snap in half. We were faced with the decision to pack up and go home or stick it out. So we moved inder a small sheltered area, set up all our stock and hoped for the best. Considering the awful start we had it was a pretty good day. There was lots of interest and more thatn enough sales to make it worth our while treking out. Having said that it was freezing cold, but the lovely ladies from the USIT office brought us out mugs of tea, so that it made it a lot easier! People are so nice sometimes! So we'll be there for the next two Tuesdays, not sure what we'll do about cover but hey we'll figure something out.

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  1. hi i was wording have u any debs dresses in a 8 or ten a stand out 1 wit diomands email me at debbie.sexy@hotmail.com thank you


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