30 Jun 2011

Hen Party Badges

I've been getting quite a few hen party badge orders lately. I think it's really helped having my details and price list for custom order badges on the back of my flyer. One the the traders at the market suggested to me the other day having a brochure of work that people could choose from. I thought this was a fantastic idea, so simple, I don't know how it didn't occur to me beforehand. For the past few days I've been putting together some designs that would suit hen parties. The idea being that people can then alter these images to suit themselves, changing the date,name and colours. I also will continue to do once off custom order ones, but at least this can act as a spring board for people to get ideas for what they can order. I forget sometimes not everyone else is image based, and sometimes people prefer the ease of ordering from a set selection, rather that the intimidation of endless choice.

I tried to cover lots of different tastes, rather than just sticking to my usual retro style. This was both hard and kinda fun to step outside of my comfort zone. I never normally get to design brash pink hyper girlie things, so it was a fun challenge. I also couldn't help but stick in a few alternative designs to offer a choice to those who are neon willy bearing bridezillas.

To view the full catalogue go to my facebook album, and to view a full list of custom order badges click here.

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