20 Oct 2011

Budget Shopping Spree

I love a good pound shop shopping spree. Look at the haul I got in town yesterday.

I got:
Pink box for my shelves in my studio: €4.50
3 rolls of gaffer tape for my Halloween costume(I'll be blogging about that next week): €2 each
Two 4 packs of double sided tape for card making: €2 per pack
12 sheets of photo paper which I use for card making: €2
12 sheets of printable canvas paper(no idea what I'll use it for but it sound intriguing): €2
Blue tack to hang more pictures on my walls: €1
5 Sticks of glue for card making: €2
Hip flask to bring to the wedding tomorrow in my handbag: €2
2 packs of colourful clips which I'll make into these: €1.50 per pack

Wonderful sense of coming home as a successful recession busting hunter gatherer: €Priceless

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