13 Oct 2011

Craft Inspiration from Pinterest

It seems like I've become completely addicted to Pinterest(an online pinboard for endless pretty thing,ideas, and craft projects). It has been a really great research tool, but the last thing I need in my life right now is another online distraction!

On the upside though I've found loads of new craft blogs, sometimes I feel the internet is this amazing party, but I'm lost and I can't find the right address. I read an article recently that said that the online community is made up a an endless series of small circles, just like society. Most of us go to our usual 10 favourite sites, rarely dipping our toes out beyond that. I'm guilty of this just like everyone else. Pinterest(like Stumble Upon) is a great tool for escaping this never ending cul-de-sac.

Here are some great projects I found through Pinterest:

This is a fab suitcase upcycling project. I'm always seeing old ugly cases in charity shops(it's a rarity to find a pretty gem) and this is a perfect way to use up my scrap paper and make some pretty storage for my studio. See the project here.

I have tonnes of fabric and paper scraps that I refuse to throw away. I also have lots of canvases that I had great intentions for, but have never gotten around to filling them with master pieces. I think this collaged canvas would look pretty nifty in our front room, especially if I used varying sized bits of paper, and maybe did some aging on the canvas. I was really into collage when I was in college, and this would satisfy the scrap hoarder in me. See the project here.

It's insanely sinful that I've had a shadow box for years and I've done nothing with it. I think I love them so much I can'decide what I want to do with it, there are just too many options. I don't think I'd like to make something as ornate as this, as I still want the box to be the focus, but I still thought it was pretty cool. I got mine from a skip in college, they were throwing out an old letter press machine...shocking I know! See the post here.

I've been doing lots of research on card making, as it's always good to have fresh ideas. Whenever I used to Google card making I came up with the cliche ugly do-it-yourself house-wifey stuff...you know what I mean?? I'm delighted to now have an endless supply of cool blogs to look at. After I read this post I ordered some stamp carving rubber. It arrived yesterday so expect a stamp making post soon! See the post here.

I'm always looking for new things to make each year for Christmas. I made something similar before as a tree decoration, but I love that this one is in a pot. Yesterday I got some dinky red pots in a discount shop that will be perfect for this project. See original Flickr image here.

Now I just need to find gallons of spare time to make all this stuff!

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