26 Oct 2011

Halloween Badge Party Packs

I eventually got around to making some new Halloween badges, they are incredibly late for online sales, but at least I'll have them make in time for next year! I will have them with me this weekend at the Milk Market though. I made up four different sets of 10 Party Packs, with the idea that people could give them as party favours or give them out to kids who call to the door(instead of sweets). A set of 10 is €10, which is kinda crazy cheap but I wanted to encourage people to buy them rather them price them too high and not sell that many. You can also buy them individually at the usual price of €3 each or 3 for €6.

If anyone is looking to buy them online from Ireland, just email me and I can post them out to you today/tomorrow. ruthcrean@yahoo.ie

To see more images, go to the facebook album here.

I expanded some of the ones I made last year I did a set of creepy characters.

 I had fun making these carnivale style badges, I really like the palette, it's something I've never tried before.

 This is my Zombie and Vampire set, I particularly like the Zombie pin-up one.

This is another set I expanded from last year of some spooky night time scenes.

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