6 Oct 2011

Supplies Splurge

It's crazy the amount of supplies I've had to order over the past couple of weeks. If I had any sense at all I would have been building up stock all year so I could deal with the Christmas rush, instead(as always) I left it to the last minute.I ordered the obvious things like Christmas stamps, paper and embellishments for cards. Loads of felt to make my brooches, and I've tried out a new supplier for some pre-cut felt flowers, so here's hoping they are as pretty as they look online.I also ordered 1000 magnets so I could make up a batch of my ABC magnet sets, which I hope will go well this year as gifts for toddlers this Christmas. I ordered a bunch of shrink plastic to make earrings, luckily I still have about 500 earring hooks, so I'm sure I won't have to order more of those.I also got nearly 500 velvet pouches for my pocket mirrors, I won't sell that amount, but it's good to have them in the new year too.
It was after a few days of happily thinking that I had the bulk of my supplies paid for that I started thinking about the smaller details. For instance the boxes that the ABC sets go into, or the brooch backs for my felt brooches. Even little things like paper bags for the stall, and I also had to order a bunch of fliers too. It seems like I ran out of all of my supplies at the same time, I've been trying to be much more frugal this year and use the materials that I have, rather than buying supplies willy nilly.

I'm sure I'm still forgetting something...let's hope it's not too important.

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