19 Oct 2011

What I Will Be Wearing

I'm off to my friends wedding this weekend. even though I had told myself I was going to wear a dress I already owned I couldn't resist when I saw this dress in Awear. It's part of their Closet selection, and is a little pricier that their normal line, but I got it on sale for €50. It's got an unusual cut to it, it's high at the front and low at the back. I have a black netting underskirt that will go nicely under it. I've to take it in a little at the sides as they only had one size left, but it's worth it as I really love it.

A few months ago I got some shoes that look really like the ones pictures above for only €10, but the soles of them were really slippy (which meant that I would never wear them) so I got them soled for about €20, which still meant that the shoes were cheap as chips. 

I was just down town about an hour ago when I realised I don't have a black evening bag...which is what I went looking for. But this little red bag called to me instead. It's retro enough that it still fits in with the dress, and I'm far more likely to use it again than a boring black evening bag. I got it in Pennies for only €3, and the best part is that it has funky yellow lining. The bag is big enough that I can fit my purse, a camera, some makeup and a naggan (weddings are expensive drinking days so I'm just being recession savvy).

I have one of these fab glass rings from Spleodar(not in the picture above but it's read and amazing). I'm still undecided about my earrings, but I'm sure I can hunt something down, or maybe make something at the last minute. I also have some pretty black lace tights that should finish it all off nicely.


  1. Oh you are so going to look FAB!

  2. Great choice! I love the dress. Red is my favorite color. I like the purse too. I never remember to change mine out for special occasions.


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