5 May 2012

My News; The Story of the Vintage Suitcase

Do you remember 'My News' from school, this is mine for today.
Imagine the scene; dressed in a multitude of layers to guard against the igloo that is the Milk Market I step out in the beaming sunshine after finishing a long day at work. Instead of being and smart and heading home after the market I do 'a little browsing' in the charity shops. I got a couple of books, but I was good and reminded myself to only buy what I could carry. Then I saw this beautiful vintage suitcase, '€5' you say 'bargain!' I say, 'I'll have that' I say. So I did. It should have ended there, but no there are two more charity shops on the way home. When I purchased more books the lovely lady behind the counter asks if I want a bag, and with glee I answered 'no, it's ok, I just bought a suitcase I'll pop them in there'. As they say rinse and repeat for the next shop. In my head I think I'm only around the corner so I'll be fine, but it's a very long street before I get to that corner.

Under that beaming sun my black coat feels like ski wear in the Sahara, all I can manage is to shuffle ten meters, stop, swap hands, and continue shuffling, stop, swap.... I look like a snail carrying it's shell beside itself, or rather an upwardly mobile slug who hasn't quite figures out the logistics of it all yet. At this stage it's not an option to peel off some layers, because A) I would have to carry them too and B)I'm sweating like a pig at this stage so the less people can see of me the better. After what feels like a Chariots of Fire like effort I make it to my door, I imagined that there should have been some sort of applause, but there wasn't. As soon as the door closes behind me I start to strip until I'm standing in my front-room in my underwear savouring the cold tiles under my tired feet. If I was the kind of person who had cold beers in the fridge* I would have drank it then and there in my bra and knickers, but I don't, so I didn't. 

Really the case will be worth what I feel was a heroic effort. Ideally I would like one of these footrests(I know this is a cat bed, but essentially it's the same thing right?) to be made from it, but it will probably live in my studio doing nothing in particular for a while until I muster motivation.

That was my day, how was yours?

*It's not that I object to beer, it's just that I have one of those miniscule fridges that are in every rented property in Ireland; much to the horror of any Americans I know.  

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  1. I completely understand, I would have done exactly the same. Last week I carried an old (and surprisingly heavy) chair from a charity shop, plenty of shopping bags and guided a small boy up the road at the same time. Then the rain came. But it was worth it!!

  2. Ugh Maria, that sounds awful! But charity shop finds are always worth the trudge! I'm doing a swap with a friend of mine who upcycles furniture,she will make my footrest in return for help with her website, I might even get one of her other pieces thrown into the bargain too.
    Skill swaps are great!


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